Russian Roulette

The Grandmasters

Welcome brave Geocacher. You have found your way to a place you will be frequenting quite a bit in the following days, weeks, and/or months depending on your personal resolve and public networking abilities. It is my hope that you will utilize the former quality rather than the latter. All I ask is that you give it your best.

Besides the great fun I get out of Geocaching, I also enjoy playing chess. I don't get to do that as often as I should, but it is a great game. On March 13th of 2005, Grandmaster Garry Kasparov retired from professional chess. He is arguably the best chess player that ever lived. This series is placed in honor of the Grandmasters and their contributions to chess and their communities.

Riddle: A question or statement so framed as to exercise one's ingenuity in answering it or discovering its meaning; conundrum.

Puzzle: A toy, problem, or other contrivance designed to amuse by presenting difficulties to be solved by ingenuity or patient effort.

There are seven caches in the Russian Roulette series. Each cache features a famous Russian chess grandmaster. These caches also utilize one or more riddles or puzzles to shroud the actual cache location in a dark and murky mist through which you must wander about seeking clues that will reveal the true location of the prize. Some are easy and some are not. You must find the first six caches and retrieve the log book code from each one in order to find the seventh and final cache in the series:

  1. GC22YR1 - RR::Botvinnik
  2. GC22YR2 - RR::Smyslov
  3. GC22YR3 - RR::Spassky
  4. GC22YR4 - RR::Karpov
  5. GC22YR5 - RR::Khalifman
  6. GC22YR6 - RR::Kramnik
  7. GC22YR7 - RR::Kasparov Grandmaster (Final)

There was a First To Find prize for each cache. The prize was basically the same for the first six caches; a regulation sized chess set with a roll-up chess board. The Final cache, Kasparov Grandmaster, contained an un-activated coin commemorating my other passion, astronomy. This prize was claimed by ratjam, philflyboy, 4bms and CozmicDK. All of the original chess sets have now been claimed. Cardinal Red declined a FTF chess set, but donated two additional sets as an added incentive to anyone who completes Kramnik. To claim one of these sets, just talk to me after you log your find on Kramnik.

In the risky game of Russian Roulette, there is at least one bullet. So it is with this series. You will immediately know which one it is based on the terrain and difficulty rating. This cache may induce an urge to beat yourself in the head with the nearest stick or frying pan that you can find. Please fight this compulsion. If you choose to continue working on the bullet, you will no doubt risk bodily injury later on and will need your head in perfect working order to complete the series.

My goal for this series is three-fold.

  1. Create a challenging and fun series for my caching friends to play with.
  2. Encourage basic chess awareness. If you don´t know how to play the game now, hopefully you will learn enough that you will be able to hold an intelligent conversation on the topic.
  3. Lead Geocachers to some places they have never been to or have not visited recently.

I will gladly answer any questions you may have in order to bring clarity to a riddle as presented. Once a cache has been found, I will even hand out nudges for anyone who might need a push in the right direction. Regardless, this page is the starting point for your source of help.

Please have fun and be careful. Caches are located on state game lands, public hiking areas and private property where permission has been granted. Please be respectful of the attributes for each cache and use common sense when choosing your approach.